Lawn grading is the design of leveling a yard with a slight incline, otherwise known as slope. This is done so that rainwater and other precipitation flows away from the foundation or slab of a home, driveway, walkway, or patio.


Do you have water building or pooling next to foundations or slabs? If so, hydrostatic pressure is building every time it rains or precipitation occurs. Hydrostatic water pressure is when surface water surrounds foundation walls or slabs. This causes soil to expand and contract which puts enormous pressure on the foundation or slab. Overtime, hydrostatic water pressure can cause cracks, holes, or leaks.

The professionals at Branden’s Landscape & Property Maintenance use professional grade lasers while setting grade. This allows us to get the most accurate readings on slopes to ensure proper run-off of water, away from foundation.

Need final grade on your new construction? Having pooling issues within your yard? Contact Us at Branden’s Landscape & Property Maintenance for a free consultation and let the professionals get your property flowing properly again.


Branden’s Landscape& Property Maintenance LLC offers a range of services related to property clean-ups. Here is a description of each service:

  1. New Construction Final Grade: This service involves the final grading of the land after new construction is completed. It ensures that the ground is properly leveled and prepared for landscaping, ensuring proper drainage and a smooth surface.
  1. Swale / Existing Grade Reconstruction: Swales are shallow channels designed to redirect water flow. Branden’s Landscape LLC can reconstruct existing swales or adjust the grade of the land to improve drainage and prevent water accumulation.
  1. Well / Septic Tank Grade & Turf Repair: This service focuses on repairing and restoring the area around wells and septic tanks. It includes grading the land to ensure proper water runoff and repairing any damage to the turf caused during maintenance or installation.
  1. Low / High Spot Correction: Branden’s Landscape & Property Maintenance LLC can address low or high spots on your property by adjusting the grade. Low spots are filled in to prevent water pooling, while high spots are leveled to create a more even surface.
  1. Garage / Shed / Driveway / Walkway Base: This service involves preparing the base for structures like garages, sheds, driveways, and walkways. It includes proper grading and compaction to ensure a stable foundation for these structures.

These services provided by Branden’s Landscape & Property Maintenance LLC aim to improve the functionality, aesthetics, and overall condition of your property by addressing various grading and repair needs. Contact us for your free quote on residential land grading!